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Maester Oath

Face of WildWeazel
Signed by WildWeazel
on Civcraft 2.0
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§4§l +=+=+=+=+=+=+ §r ·ï¡÷¡ï· §0§l MAESTER OATH §4§l §r§4 ·ï¡÷¡ï· §l+=+=+=+=+=+=+
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§4 ·ï¡÷¡ï· §0 D a w n approaches, and n o w my tenure begins. I s h a l l be a s a c c u r a t e and steadfast a s t h e movements of the sun and the moon. W i t h reverence I s h a l l §4 ·ï¡÷¡ï·
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§4 ·ï¡÷¡ï· §0 conduct m y affairs with man a n d nature and beast. I s h a l l abstain from f a l s e speech and false deed and I shall not t a k e that which is not given. I am the marker of cycles, t h e steady §4 ·ï¡÷¡ï·
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§4 ·ï¡÷¡ï· §0 quill on the page. I am t h e k e e p e r of memories, the studious mind. With me, t h e written word will be guarded. §4 ·ï¡÷¡ï·
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§4 ·ï¡÷¡ï· §o§0§o Sworn by §r §l WildWeazel §r§o at the §r§l Tenpo Assembly §r March 6th 2015 §4 ·ï¡÷¡ï·