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NateMagic's Fall

Face of SomethingSaucy
Signed by SomethingSaucy
on Civcraft 2.0
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§l The Fall §r §oof §r §lNateMagic §o§r§r§oby §r SomethingSaucy
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§rChapter I 4 §oNate of Many Names §rChapter II 7 §oJourney to Lazuli §rChapter III 11 §oThe Lazuli-Jack War §rChapter IV 16 §oCouncilman NateMagic
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Chapter V 21 §oThe Citadel §rChapter VI 25 §oThe HCF Invasion of Civcraft
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§oForeword by the author Having known NateMagic, I will try and keep the book as unbiased as possible. I hope you enjoy my recollection of events of a very noteworthy individual -Maester Saucy
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§lChapter I §r§oNate of Many Names §rArchitect. Statesman. Traitor. NateMagic would fulfill many roles through his life during the First Era* of CivCraft. The goal of this book is to outline the life of a notable character of the Civcraft story,
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also give some insight into the history of key events that Nate was involved in. During the First Era, Nate would go from a wanderer, to a notable citizen of Lazuli, a war veteren, to a Lazulian council member, an architect of the first maester
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The Citadel, to a traitor of all of Civcraft. So, we'll start at the beginning. §o*-Civcraft 1.0
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§lChapter II §r§oJourney to Lazuli §r NateMagic joined Civcraft around late April, early May of 2012. His journey began like most Civcraftians. He awoke in an unfamiliar place. Nate wandered for a few days before making contact with a
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friend of his, blizzxx, who was currently living in Lazuli, a small city at the time, which was rapidly growing. A perfect place for a new citizen of Civcraft to make a name for himself. Once he arrived in Lazuli, he, blizzxx, Squoitle, and Alexzandria
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began construction on their pirate ship, nestled on the coast of Lazuli's Newtown district. Nate arrived at an interesting time in Lazuli's history. War was afoot as a Lazulian splinter group known as "The Pumpkin Jacks" had recently launched terror
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attacks on the city. Nate was not in Lazuli long before he would make a name for himself in the blossoming Republic.
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§lChapter III §r§oThe Lazuli-Jack War §rOn the 29th of April, 2012, at around 7 pm Eastern, the Pumpkin Jacks launched their terror attack on the city of Lazuli. The complete history of the war is a subject for another book, but this is where Nate
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would distinguish himself as a notable Lazulian. On the 5th of May, 2012, the Pumpkin Jacks along with a group of hired mercenaries known as Second Cell attacked Lazuli, pearling many of the citizens including the head of state at the time,
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SomethingSaucy, and most of the current Lazulian Council. They were able to sucessfully hold the city and repel counter-attacks from Lazuli's allies for several hours. A few days prior to the final attack, Nate assisted in establishing the first
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Lazulian snitch network around the city. This would help tremendously when the Jacks would lauch their attack. Nate would be involved in defending his pirate ship against the Jacks, along with Lazulian council member Ttocs_is_Awe. Eventually, they
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both pearled. The war was over, Lazuli was defeated. Nate almost left the city at that point, but no doubt he was now attached to his first real home in Civcraft. Out of the fires of war, Nate was now an established and respected Lazulian.
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§lChapter IV §r§oCouncilman NateMagic §rAfter the war, Founder* SomethingSaucy stepped down, and Ttocs_is_Awe became the new leader of the Republic of Lazuli, bringing in a new council with him. On the 12th of May, 2012,
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NateMagic, along with lem0nland91111 and Logic_Man were sworn in as the new council of Lazuli. Nate would remain a councilman up uintil Lazuli's decline in late July of 2012. During this time (after the war, and before the exodus of Lazulian
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citizens) the Republic of Lazuli reached the peak of its power and influence. Nate would establish a mining colony near the world border to keep the government's coffers filled. After the fall of Lazuli, Nate would retreat to the old mining outpost to
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begin work on the Citadel. §o§r§o*-Founder was the term used for the Lazulian head of state at the time.
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§lChapter V §r§oThe Citadel §rNateMagic began work on the Citadel sometime in late 2012, before becoming too busy with real life, when he relinquished head architectural duties of the Citadel to SomethingSaucy. He and Ttocs_is_Awe
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be inspired by the Citadel to form the Maester Alliance, which is still around to this day. This makes NateMagic a technical founder of the Alliance but the true extent of that is open for debate. Later on, Nate would come to disagree with
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what Maesters Saucy and Ttocs had done to the Citadel, even threatening to burn the flags housed in Maester Ttocs' Hall of Nations. Nate had become disillusioned with was Civcraft had become and his distaste for the Anarcho-Capitalists had readily
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apparent. The extent of his distaste would become apparent during the events of the Great HCF Invasion.
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§lChapter VI §r§oThe HCF Invasion of Civcraft §rThe HCF (the common name given to several factions of players from a seperate server, HCFactions) invaded Civcraft to disrupt the satus quo and kill/pearl as many people as they could.
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NateMagic sold them weapons and armor and gave them access to his snitch network. It's up for debate whether or not they actually purchased them or if Nate simply gave them to HCF. Nate maintained his innocence as a simple seller of goods with no
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alternate intentions. However, I can tell you that Nate wanted the destruction of the Ancaps and wanted to force Ttk2 (praise be unto Him) to end the First Era and begin the Second Era. He felt the server had stagnated under the rule of the AnCap 'World
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Police' and thought that assisting an invasion force from a hardcore pvp server would bring the change he wanted so desperately. NateMagic would be pearled by Foofed on the 11th of December, 2012 (and again on the 21st of January).
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maintained his innocence as a simple arms dealer using the free market, but very few people came to his side. His reputation never really recovered, even after the HCF fiasco died down. Even so, I still call him friend.
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§oFirst Edition Published on the 2nd of February, 2015
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§o Written by §l§r§r§l Maester Saucy §r§o of the §r§l Tenpo Assembly §r§o on §r September 25th 2014
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§r§l Maester Alliance §r§r§l§6§r§6§l Tenpo Assembly Scriptorium