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Face of LideoAmkae
Signed by LideoAmkae
on CivRealms 2.0
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Are you tired of Aresot being a meme, even in serious moments ? We are too§0 §0 §0Are you scared of a war ? Yeah, same.§0 §0 §0We are all tired of this incapable emperor§0 §0 §0That's why we need YOUR help on this sad day..
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Who are we ? The A opposition party [AOP]§0 §0 §0What do we want ? §0 §0We a GOVERNMENT WHERE THE POWER IS SHARED, a government WITHOUT ARESOT§0 §0 §0How ?§0 §0Every city would be autonomous. leaders of the cities will sort their things out themselves
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If the issue is too complicated, or to take care of the money (that would no longer be IC but UC) a government, grouping every leader of each city and other deputees will take care of the case.§0 §0 §0Varathia would now be called [United Cities of Varathia]
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as it would no longer be an empire.§0 §0 §0You are interested and want to make that possible ? Copy this book if you can, or just share it content with all of your friends/citizens/§0 §0neighbors§0 §0Then, come on the Varathia discord
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on the #campaign announcements and SUPPORT US !§0 §0 §0We want to make Varathia a better place, support AOP if you do too <3